Oct 1, 2010

Check! Called Colonial insurance yesterday!

Woohoo! That was easy! And I got something checked off my big to-do list! :)

Along with my regular state health insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield), I also have a Disability plan with Colonial Life. I signed up for a pretty minimal plan with them years ago in the case that I'd get pregnant, as that's covered under disability (what?!).

I just called today and talked with a wonderful representative (awesome customer service so far!) about the process of filing a claim since I had no idea how that works. I've been really healthy and lucky so far in my life and haven't had to file any claims. The birth center is filing my BCBS claim for me, and all my dentists have filed dental claims, so this will be my first!

Under my plan, if everything goes well with the delivery, and I'm able to deliver vaginally, I will be eligible for $250/week for 5 weeks. If there are complications, surgery, hospital stays, problems healing, etc... I will be eligible for more.

The only thing I need to do is fax in a form filled out by the midwife after delivery, along with a copy of her license and a letter saying that I went to an actual OBGYN (which I did, for the ultrasound). Two weeks later I get a check.

Sweet! I feel good. :) Come on baby, stay healthy for moma!

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