Oct 5, 2010

Busy Weekend! Painting the House...

One of the items on my "before baby" list is to paint the side of the house.  Right when I first got pregnant, before we really knew, my mom helped me to paint the front of the house (which is, like, 95% done).  

Then I got pregnant, then it was rainy all the time, then it was a hot, hot summer.  Now finally the weather is cool again and my nesting instinct has kicked in big time.  I've been tired of living in a two-toned house for the past 6 months, so this weekend with the perfectly cool weather, I broke out the painting supplies and did as much as I could without climbing a ladder.

This is what I got done.  The yellow is the old color, and that beautiful gray?  It's perfect.  My mom is coming up yet again this weekend to help Kevin finish that side.  It should be interesting as they are both somewhat afraid of heights and we don't have scaffolding or anything.  We'll see how it goes!

Of course, even if we finish painting this side, we still have the other side and the back of the house... but that can wait until next spring.  The reason why this side is so important to me to finish is because that's what people can see from the road... and it looks awful to have two different colors of house!  I want it to appear that the whole house is painted, even if it really isn't.

Woohoo for getting things done (even if it is little by little)!

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