Oct 21, 2010

Check! Moved all my stuff out of the baby's room!

For weeks my big ol' craft desk has been sitting in the middle of the baby's room.  It's huge - 4ft long by 2.5ft deep by 2.5ft high.  But it's perfect for my sewing machine and gives me room to cut fabric, and pile projects in progress on top.  It's also perfect because it was only $10 at goodwill!

Finally, it's out of the baby room!  This past weekend I spent two whole days sorting through all my hub's stuff in his room.  His monstrosity of a closet needed some desperate organizing, and the stuff in the room needed to be rearranged.  Most of the stuff in his room/drum cave/woodworking tool storage area is going to go out in the shed once it's complete.  For now, all the drum shells, rope and fabric, and shipping boxes need to stay inside until the shed is weatherproof.  But since the shed is mostly up, all the other little tools and things can go out.  

And that's what I did this weekend.  I needed to clear space for my desk and a closet full of craft stuff that was still in Adelaide's nursery.  I was really tired of cleaning it all by Sunday afternoon, but I powered through and got it done.  It took a long time, and I did it mostly myself since Kevin was working on the shed and drums.  But it's (mostly) done!  Now we have an office/craft room that we'll share.  

Now I can see what all needs to be done and organized in the baby's room.  And now that all that stuff is out, I'm worried her room will seem too empty!  (An excuse to go shopping?)

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