Oct 26, 2010

I was right...

Friday we went to the midwife and sure enough my moma instinct was right on.  I had a breech baby in there.  Her head was way up high and those were definitely strong kicks I was feeling in my nether-regions.

Midwife showed me how to invert, so when I got home the hubs found a nice piece of poplar to prop up on the couch and I laid on it, head-down myself.  Apparently this is so that the baby gets up out of the pelvic region and has room to turn herself.  I did that a few times over the weekend, and by Sunday things were feeling different.

I definitely feel either little hands or feet higher now, with lots of high-up movement.  But I can't tell where her head is.  She's definitely turned at least a little bit because her head is not at the top, but like I said, I just can't tell exactly where it is.  

So I emailed my midwife yesterday and asked to come in today, even though our official appointment isn't until next Tuesday... just so she can feel my belly.  Hopefully she'll give me good news so I can stop worrying.  Or maybe she'll say that Adelaide has some more turning to do and to get back on the board.  Either way, I need to know.

Breech for me is not good.  If she were to stay breech, I wouldn't be able to give birth at the birth center, as it's against their licensure.  And for most OBs... a breech baby is an automatic c-section, which is the TOTAL opposite of everything I've been working towards this whole eight months.  When I heard that my suspicions of her being breech were right, my mind instantly pictured a forever-scar, both physically and emotionally that I knew would be difficult for me to heal.  I imagined that first picture where I'd be drugged up and confined to the table, and Kevin would be holding Adelaide up to my head so we could meet.  That's not the meeting I want.  I fully realize that healthy baby, healthy moma is the outcome we're striving for no matter what that means... but I really want to avoid a c-section if possible.

So we'll see!  11:30 a.m. is when I find out!  Cross your fingers for me!

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  1. My fingers and toes are crossed for you. Though from what ur saying about her movements it sounds positive.


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