Oct 29, 2010

You can call me Mrs. Brown.

Yay!  Another thing off my Before Baby To-Do List!  Wednesday I went downtown and met up with the Social Security guy to change my name!  It's been over two years since I married, but it took me that long to decide on what my new name will be.  I just couldn't let go of my maiden name!  There's not many people with it (it's German), and it makes me feel unique.  I don't have strong ties to that whole side of my family (in fact, it's been over 25 years since I've even seen my aunt/uncle/grandparent of that side... and I'm only 27 years old), so it's purely a vain name thing.

So I changed my name so that my maiden name is now my second middle name.  It's there for me, and pretty much only me.  But it's there.  Keeps me unique.  
Because there are so many Mrs. Browns out there.


  1. I really struggled with it, too. Even 15 years later I still identify with my maiden name.

    I did something similar - my middle name is my maiden name. That way, I get to still use it on forms and in signatures.

  2. Stacy - The only reason I changed it was because of this baby! I just wanted it to be "easier" with legal stuff and when school rolls around, with us all having the same last name.


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