Oct 15, 2010

Hot Chocolate Mornings

It is finally cold enough for a mug of hot chocolate in the mornings.  
Today it was 42 degrees on the way to work, and although it felt wonderful to me and not at all too cold, I still had the want for hot chocolate.  
With marshmallows of course.

I love fall because of the crisp air and the chill.  It's not too cold yet.  I can still wear a short sleeved shirt under my sweater and that's good enough.  Or a scarf.  

My nose and ears aren't screaming with the biting cold, and the leaves are still so pretty.  And still on the trees!  I don't feel sorry for our outside cats (yet), but soon I will have to put blankets and boxes on the porch for them to cuddle in so I don't worry about them freezing at night.  And even though Kevin tells me they're built to withstand the cold, I still fret about finding furry ice cubes in the winter mornings.

Fall is most definitely my favorite.

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