Oct 14, 2010

31 Weeks - and the countdown is on...

Dear Adelaide,

My baby girl, you are getting so big!  My belly has changed shape, from being a nice round bump to hanging down more low.  It always feels so full and heavy now.  You kick and punch and turn constantly.  You never let me worry about if you're alright in there because I can always just wait a few minutes and you'll let me know things are just fine!

I especially like it when we play handsie/footsie.  If I feel you pushing out at one particular spot, I'll press on it pretty hard so that you feel me.  Then you kick or punch, and sometimes you just slide away.  Either way, all I can picture is little hands and feet all wrinkled up.  Not too much longer and I can kiss those hands and feet and watch you learn the world with them.

You're definitely growing, and changing how you're resting in there.  Sometimes when I'm sitting around, it feels like you're up so high!  I have to push you down just so I can breathe.  I know you're only going to get bigger as the weeks go by.  I can't believe we have only 9 more until we meet you!!!  We're into the single digits, baby!

I can't wait to see how our four cats will treat you, and how you will treat them.  I plan to raise you with a deep sense of caring for all creatures, and it will start with them.  I think Cassiey - the brown one - will love on you as long as I will let her.  Skit - the black one - will probably ignore the fact that there's a itty bitty baby around.  Keagan - the white and black one - will run and hide at your slightest cry (he's such a scaredy-cat).  And Tan One - not pictured because she has to stay inside due to allergies - well, I think it will take some time, but she will love on you as crazily as she does us, I bet.  They are our furry babies.

Our family feels so right, and you're not even here yet!  Last night while you had the hiccups (again), I put your dad's hand on my belly and he said "Give me my Adelaide!"  I mentioned that I couldn't wait until I could really hand you over to him and see your tiny self in his big arms.  He then corrected me, saying that it will be more like me having to pry you away from him because he won't want to let go.  I am really looking forward to seeing that bond between you two grow.  I wish for you a wonderful and deep father-daughter connection, and if I know your dad, he's going to make sure that happens.

Love, Moma

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