Oct 19, 2010

Baby Bump to Baby Bulge

Saturday night Kevin took me out to eat and to a movie.  We went to a restaurant that's basically a salad bar, with a few other things like pasta and baked potatoes.  

The whole time I was walking around getting my food, this rather large country-looking type of man was watching me.  I'm talking large, overalls, fishing cap, beard, and plaid shirt.  When we finally sat down at our booth, I told Kevin that the man was totally watching me, and it was weird.  

I went on to devour my salad, which was DELISH, full of chickpeas and sunflower seeds and mushrooms (among other yummies).  When that man and his company were done and leaving, he turned and headed my way.

"When are you due, if you don't mind me asking?"
"In 8 weeks."
"Really?!  My neighbor - we call her the hillbilly neighbor - she's due in 3 weeks and you're about as big around as she is!  Do you know what you're having?"
"A girl."
"Well, she's big.  And low!"
"I know!"
"Well, congratulations and good luck to you!"  And he ambled out carrying his sweet tea.  He was really quite sweet about it all himself.

Mixed emotions on my front.  First, this was my first total stranger that has come up to me, and I know he was well-intentioned.  I mean, cashiers and people like that have talked to me about being pregnant, but this dude came up on his own.  His smile and warmth did make me feel good.  

But then as I thought about it, I realized that he was also telling me I looked like I was 37 weeks pregnant, and I'm only 32 weeks along!

I know, I know.  Kevin tells me it's all baby, and I know this.  I've been lucky not to have ballooned out all over.  BUT.  I'm used to weighing, um, a lot less... and even though this belly is because I'm growing a beautiful daughter (or son, we'll see for sure in two months!), it's still sometimes hard to take being so big.  Most of the time I love it, don't get me wrong.  But sometimes... it's just a big ole belly.

And at work it's becoming the thing to tell me how big my belly is getting.  As if I hadn't noticed that I can't see my feet anymore or that my belly button sure is sticking out now.  A special thanks to Mr. A, who yesterday  told me that my baby bump is really turning into a baby bulge.

*sigh*  8 more weeks, and then the focus will be on my sweet-smelling little baby instead of my itchy, bulgy belly.  Can't wait!

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  1. I am giving you internet hugs RIGHT NOW! It's so hard dealing with everyone's comments! I hated it so much!! Especially when I could see people look at me and then turn to someone and say "Is she fat or pregnant?" HA! Just hang in there! Your body is making a miracle right now... :)


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