Sep 30, 2010

It's getting hard to...

1. Bend over.
2. Tie my shoes - or even put on my socks!
3. Shave my legs.
4. Pick things up.
5. Go for long walks.
6. Stop eating.
7. Sleep.
8. Deal with heartburn - my pregnancy nemesis!
9. Not cry once a day.
10. Stop staring at my belly, since it's always bouncing around.

Sep 29, 2010

29 Weeks and Counting...

Dear Adelaide,

I think you're getting big. You must be. Your dad and I sit on the couch and watch my belly move (watch YOU move) all the time. We like to press on my belly to feel where you are, although we can't tell what we're actually feeling. I just like to feel a hard bump and pretend it's your back or your bottom. Sometimes I can tell a bump is a foot, because it'll move away when I press too hard. I'm also starting to do that pregnant lady thing where I walk around all day with a hand resting on top of my belly. I just want to connect with you every moment of every day.

Your dad talks to you through my belly. He gets really close and practically yells to make sure you can hear his voice. It's really cute! He tells you how much he loves you and how ready he is for you to get here. He's also giving you some warnings about how many kisses you're going to get, so I hope you're getting ready for those! Oh, and beware of the toe-nibbling, too, because I bet we'll both be doing a lot of that.

About a month ago, we switched midwives. Something just didn't feel right with the first one, so we interviewed another midwife at the birth center and it felt so natural. She just happened to have a December opening, so we switched over to her. She is so calm and peaceful! I really like her and feel 100% comfortable talking with her.

We had an appointment last Friday with her. She was able to feel your back against the left side of my belly (where I said I'd been feeling lots of pressure), and she said that was perfect. She also was able to feel your head down low, which is also perfect. If you end up breech, we will have to go to the hospital, and I really don't want that! So stay head-down and low for your moma, baby girl! She was able to show your dad how to feel your head and I got to try too, but it was a weird angle for me. And then we heard your heartbeat. It was perfect - nice and strong and consistent... very healthy.

Notice I'm using the word perfect a lot? In my mind and heart, I know that you are. You're going to be so beautiful and wonderful and a... ummm... perfect part of our family! :)

I love you!

Sep 28, 2010

My Bradley Childbirth Class Experience

Last night was the last of my 12-week stint at childbirth classes.  

When Kevin and I were trying to decide which "method" we were more interested in, we looked them all up, thought about them, and decided on the Bradley method.  It wasn't hard for us to make that decision, as it's all about dad-centered coaching and teaching you all about what's going on in your body.  With my type A personality, I like knowing exactly what my muscles will be doing at any given time.  I am usually better when I'm armed with rational, scientific information.  Which is why a method like the Hypnobabies doesn't seem like something that would work for me.  (However, I do have a version of a hypnobirthing book that came with a short cd, and I will definitely read the book and try it out before totally dismissing it - you never know!)  And instead of trying to control your breathing into unnatural patterns, the Bradley method teaches you to relax completely and breathe normally.  

The class was $300 for the 12 weeks, which breaks down to $25 per 2-hour class.  We also had to purchase 3 books for the class: Husband-Coached Childbirth by Robert Bradley which focused on speaking to the dad about what his role is going to be in the whole pregnancy/birth process; Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon, which was more about the physical process of labor and exercises to do to prepare; and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by the La Leche League, which appears to be the nursing bible.

Personally, I feel like I could have skipped taking the class.  Like I said, I'm type A, so I do a lot of research and reading.  Most of what was talked about in class is stuff I got straight from the books.  I didn't need to hear the teacher repeat the same information I read the night before.  What I DID enjoy, however, was getting to be around other pregnant women and the dads.  It was nice to have some time each week to see everyone's growing bellies and hear their stories.  I will miss all that.  I also enjoyed when we did our exercises or practiced relaxing as a class.  

And I think the class also helped Kevin and me connect.  We have this thing in common (having a baby), and the class made us focus on it.  And a bonus - we took the class early enough in the pregnancy, that now we have 11 more weeks to keep going, talking, and practicing our techniques so that I'm the most prepared I can be for a natural birth in less than three months!

I'm glad to have my Monday nights back.  All in all, I will probably skip taking a class the next time around.  I can spend my money elsewhere and meet other moms another way.  But if you're someone who needs to learn from a teacher and hear the information, a class may be the way to go for you!  And it may be cheaper... I live near a larger city, so I don't know if that had something to do with the cost.  Definitely weigh the pros and cons of paying for a class, to see if it's right for you, and ask for references from previous class takers.  You never know, maybe I would have had a more meaningful experience with a different teacher?

I am looking forward to when we (all the couples in the class) have our babies, because we're planning on a reunion potluck to share our birth stories and cuddle with lots of squishy babies.  Hopefully we'll all be able to share how the Bradley method helped us have a natural birth.  We'll see!

Sep 27, 2010

Weekly Photo Catch Up

[24 Weeks]

[25 Weeks]

[26 Weeks]

[27 Weeks]

[28 Weeks - 7 months!!!]

You see, my belly is getting exponentially bigger. For real. I am almost touching that other tree. My grandpa, when he visited, told me he didn't think I'd reach but I only have a little bit to go. I'm thinking 2 inches? Anyhow, I feel big, and I can't believe I have 3 more months of outward growth!!!

This week's pictures coming soon, as I'm now 29 weeks pregnant!

Sep 26, 2010

Tah Dah! To do...

I have added a little spot on my sidebar for my ever-growing to-do list. This baby isn't changing her schedule - she's coming out when she's good and cooked. That means I need to make sure that I have everything done that I want done BEFORE babe gets here. I have, give or take, 11 weeks left to accomplish everything.

I have finally finished my afterschool/work babysitting job. I was only watching the girls 2 days a week for a few weeks when I decided that my time is precious. I will never have these three months again to prepare for Adelaide's arrival. So, I gave the family notice, waited for them to find a replacement (thankfully didn't take long!), and picked up the girls from school for the last time on Thursday. It's bittersweet. I've been a part of their lives, and vice versa, for 19 months now. We will definitely keep in touch!

Back to the list. It's not complete. I know there are other things floating around in my head, but they haven't come to the surface. I will cross things off as they are done. I'm shooting for a minimum of one per week, but probably will be able to do more (please, please!).

Anything you can think of that I need to add?

(Wait... I just thought of one: sleep!)

It's been 5 weeks.

I do apologize for the absense. About five weeks ago, a lot of stresses piled on and I turned away from the blog for certain reasons. I needed time for me, and to figure some things out. Nothing major, but now that I look back I kind of wish I didn't leave this little journal for so long. Everything's good now, things have cleared up, back to normal and running... um... as smoothly as they can for a 7-month-pregnant hormonal mess. :)

I promise to do a post tomorrow with the past weeks' photos, and do a preggo update for you, and then will try my best to at least keep you in the loop if I plan on disappearing for a while!

Hope you are all doing well!