Sep 29, 2010

29 Weeks and Counting...

Dear Adelaide,

I think you're getting big. You must be. Your dad and I sit on the couch and watch my belly move (watch YOU move) all the time. We like to press on my belly to feel where you are, although we can't tell what we're actually feeling. I just like to feel a hard bump and pretend it's your back or your bottom. Sometimes I can tell a bump is a foot, because it'll move away when I press too hard. I'm also starting to do that pregnant lady thing where I walk around all day with a hand resting on top of my belly. I just want to connect with you every moment of every day.

Your dad talks to you through my belly. He gets really close and practically yells to make sure you can hear his voice. It's really cute! He tells you how much he loves you and how ready he is for you to get here. He's also giving you some warnings about how many kisses you're going to get, so I hope you're getting ready for those! Oh, and beware of the toe-nibbling, too, because I bet we'll both be doing a lot of that.

About a month ago, we switched midwives. Something just didn't feel right with the first one, so we interviewed another midwife at the birth center and it felt so natural. She just happened to have a December opening, so we switched over to her. She is so calm and peaceful! I really like her and feel 100% comfortable talking with her.

We had an appointment last Friday with her. She was able to feel your back against the left side of my belly (where I said I'd been feeling lots of pressure), and she said that was perfect. She also was able to feel your head down low, which is also perfect. If you end up breech, we will have to go to the hospital, and I really don't want that! So stay head-down and low for your moma, baby girl! She was able to show your dad how to feel your head and I got to try too, but it was a weird angle for me. And then we heard your heartbeat. It was perfect - nice and strong and consistent... very healthy.

Notice I'm using the word perfect a lot? In my mind and heart, I know that you are. You're going to be so beautiful and wonderful and a... ummm... perfect part of our family! :)

I love you!

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  1. Love this post... should have read it earlier! I can actually leave comments now!


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