Oct 6, 2010

Preggo Milestone - 30 Weeks!

Dear Adelaide,

Instead of counting how many weeks I've been pregnant, now I'm counting down how many weeks I have left.  Only 10.  Wow.  When I rolled over in bed Sunday (my actual 30-week mark) and whispered to your dad, "I'm 30 weeks today", he looked at me all wide-eyed as if I'd been holding this secret and am only just now letting him in on it.  

Ten weeks to get ready for you.  I have such a to-do list, from getting your room ready to getting my maternity leave set up (the human resources lady has yet to return my two phone calls), to installing your car seat - and so much more.  My goal is to be mostly done and ready for you by Thanksgiving, so that I can relax the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy (unless you come early!).

Sunday night I got up to use the bathroom (I'm averaging one pee break a night, usually around 3:30 or 4 in the morning), and when I got back into bed, I noticed that you were hiccuping.  I've noticed your hiccups before, during the day, but this is the first time in the middle of the night that I've felt them.  They are very rhythmic and on this particular occasion they lasted for nearly thirty minutes!  Who hiccups for 30 minutes?!  I couldn't get back to sleep and actually started worrying that something was wrong, so I got up to look up fetal hiccuping online.  The information I found calmed my fears and by the time I was back in bed, you were done. 

I tried prenatal yoga for the first time on Monday night.  My upper back has been giving my issues lately, so I'm going to try that out to see if it might help.  If nothing else, I know yoga will help everything stay loose.  The session I had on Monday was quite a workout too!  Lots of downward dogs and planks, which really work my arms and shoulders.  Lots of other poses too, and it was so fun to be around other pregnant women.  It feels like we're in a secret club and are connected in the most wonderful way: we're all bringing new life into our lives.

Your daddy and I are so happy right now.  Things are falling into place.  We're getting closer to meeting you.  We're seeing the midwife every two weeks now and that makes this whole thin seem even more real.  Your dad's building a shed so that all his woodworking tools and drum stuff can go in there.  I can't wait for it to be done (within the next couple of weeks, we hope!), so that I can finish getting the house ready for you.  Right now it's tools and sawdust everywhere, and my nesting instincts have kicked in, making me want to clean, clean, clean!

We watch you move all the time, and we love resting our hands on my belly to connect with you.

I've forgotten what it feels like to sit around and not have a moving thing in my belly all the time.  Soon, I'll remember, and you'll be in my arms instead.

I love you!

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