Dec 2, 2010

Check! Found a pediatrician! Oh, and now I can legally give birth.

I just got back from meeting with a pediatrician, who I've decided is pretty great. It was a really quick meeting, where I didn't ask nearly enough questions, and it actually felt kind of rushed. So you're probably asking what makes this guy/place so great.

Well, the whole practice works with a very natural, holistic mindset. The physician, his assistants, and the nurses all share the same philosophy and beliefs about healthcare - that it's a mind and body thing, not something to be treated automatically with a prescription. As a pediatrician, this doctor I've met with basically said, before even I got a chance to ask, that he will work with us on whatever immunization schedule we want, when we want it. That's a plus for us. We haven't worked out exactly what we want, but we're pretty sure we're going to be on the "as-little-as-possible" end.

He also said that he will only prescribe medicine when really, really needed, and only after trying other routes to solve a problem. This is good for us because we rarely take medicine ourselves (why would we assume our child would?).

He is also perfectly accepting and fine of our intention to solely breastfeed, and that we are a vegetarian family.

So yay! And not only did I check off finding a pediatrician, by meeting with this physician, I was able to have him sign a form clearing me to give birth at the birth center. Legally I need that form to prove that I am low-risk, and I've got it!

Now I need to figure out insurance for this little one. I know I've waited too long, but I'm calling them today (as soon as I get done with lunch!). Hopefully it won't be a hassle and will be easy to set up.


  1. YAH!! Congrats! I wish I could find a ped like that. Though ours is pretty awesome anyway and was okay with us delaying vaxs until 2y/o...he was kinda pushy at first. And yah for the birth center!!! Can't wait to see the little lentil!


  2. OK--CLEARLY it's been too long since I have last stopped in to visit you because have a new blog 2.I didn't even realize you were pregnant, nevermind very pregnant. This is so exciting. I like your approach to birthing and pre-parenting. I am looking forward to watching this new phase of your life unfold!

  3. [ker-AND-uh] It feels great to have found a pediatrician that I feel comfortable with and that will follow what I want for my baby. Not all peds are like that, I've found. Thanks for the button love!

    [AG Ambroult] Haha! Thanks for the compliments! I hope you do tag along... it won't be too much longer before we're all meeting my daughter <3


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