Dec 2, 2010

38 Weeks & Letter to Lentil

Dear Adelaide,

We're getting so close baby girl! I can't wait to meet you! Every day that passes now seems like we're bounds and leaps closer to your birth day. I've stopped saying how many weeks I have left, and now I'm just counting down the days.

You have a habit of kicking your feet out on the right side of my belly. Always, always, I can feel you kicking there. Sometimes it hurts, but most of the time it makes me really happy because I can just picture those little feet. They will be so tiny and wrinkled. I can't wait to count your toes and tickle your feet and kiss them all over. You will be so sweet, I just know it!

Our midwife says everything looks good. Your heartbeat is always perfect, and you are still in the best possible position for birth. Stay that way! :) Your head is really low and tight in my pelvis now, and you're getting ready to go!

I go through a mix of emotions when I think about labor. On one hand, I am afraid of the pain. I was telling your dad the other day that I don't have anything to compare pain to. I have been really lucky in this life to not have gotten hurt. I've never broken a bone, been in an accident, had food poisoning... nothing big. So I have nothing to base my tolerance of pain against. I'm scared of how bad it will hurt to have my body working to move us closer together, to move you out of my body and into this world.

But on the other hand, I am so very excited for labor! I am looking forward to being fully present and aware of what is happening with my body, of knowing every step of the way that what my body is doing is moving you down and out of me, so that we can finally meet and I can kiss those toes. I am looking forward to doing this myself, so that I can feel powerful and know that I can do anything. And I can't wait to see how your dad helps me. I know he'll be amazing and present and compassionate.

There is nothing I've done that's more exciting than you, sweet girl. We'll meet soon and be forever mother and daughter. I love you!



  1. Thanks for your comment on my birth story! It sounds like you are really well prepared and ready! I also had nothing to compare labor pains to prior to the birth, and was fine (but everyone is different yada yada yada). Good luck, and you can do it! :)

  2. [Kara] Thank you! I am trying to remember that my body knows how to handle this - now I just want to feel like my mind can too! :)

  3. You will LOVE having music on during labor and it's really cool that you will be able to change it so easily. Even though I had a c-section, they turned music on for me in the operating room when Ollie was born! It helped relax me for sure! I can't believe you only have 8 days to exciting.

  4. [Jennifer] How time flies! I can't believe I'm so close; now I just want to meet my baby girl so badly! What music did you listen to when you were in surgery?


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