Dec 11, 2010


The hardest part about waiting for our baby is when everyone else is having their babies.

Out of my birth class of eight couples, I am the last. One of the couples had the same due date as me, tomorrow, but she just posted a beautiful picture of her new family on Facebook (and had the wonderful compassion to post on my wall reassuring me that I can do it when the time comes).

Another friend who was due three days after me has had her baby for a week.

A blog I follow has had her baby nearly 10 days early.

I have a fellow coworker due 2 weeks after me (on Christmas!). If she has her baby first I may just pull my hair out.

I haven't even hit my due date yet, but I'm already anxiously awaiting my little Adelaide. Everything is ready for her. And now we are just waiting. I know she will come when she is ready, and that might be two more weeks from now. In the grand scheme of things, that is not long. But I want to hold my baby. It's like I miss something I haven't even had yet.


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