Dec 1, 2010

Hey Hey! I've got a blog button!

Our Little Lentil

Lookie at the sidebar to get the code for my very first blog button! You should really see me. With my husband's help (and really, I did a lot of it myself...really) I was able to make this cute little button and get the code to work and everything! I'm kind of beside myself. It's awesome.

So grab it and let me know! Yay!


  1. aww, wittle button! i remember that feeling of wow, i did it! myself! (mostly).. you made it so! woohoo!

    nice to meet you kristina, by the way. wishing you all the best on the beginning of this very exciting journey of yours!


  2. [Ana] Haha! It's so exciting to be able to make something like this. Computer stuff really baffles me sometimes. Next on my list - custom header.

    Thanks for the well wishes! It is so VERY exciting!!!

  3. Well done. I"ve wanted to have one for the longest time and now I'm at the point that I just need a whole new design. So what's the point now.
    When I'm ready, I'll come to you for help ;)
    Congrats on your exciting journey.

  4. [Ella] Thank you! I went to and was able to make a blog button myself with her tutorial!


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