Dec 14, 2010

Check! Car Seat Installed!

Well, it's actually been installed for a couple of weeks or so now, but I'm just now getting around to posting about it.

It was more difficult than we thought. Thankfully I had a big, strong husband that could really tighten the belt and get the carseat secure. If it weren't for him, I'd have driven to the nearest fire department and had them do it. (You know, a bunch of firemen are trained in car seat installation, and will do it for free.)

But now it's in! We even went ahead and put on the window cling shade. We don't want little Adelaide to get sun in her eyes, now do we? And of course a soft blanket to wrap her up in if it's chilly outside.

I can't wait for that first drive home, when I can sit beside her and just hold her little hand all the way to our house. She will be so tiny at first. Precious!


  1. The first time we put the carseat in my car, it took FOREVER. Now I'm a pro at it. lol. Can't wait to see little Adelaide!!!!

  2. you are adorable :). what a good mommy you're going to make!

  3. Ha! I still don't know how to install a car seat in my car. And...I really should learn since I have a three year old and eight month old. Eh....strong husbands are the best!


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