Dec 13, 2010

Here and Gone.

Yesterday was Adelaide's due date. It was here, and now it's gone. Boohoo.

All along, when people asked when I was due, I would say "December 12" with air quotes, because I KNOW that due dates are so off sometimes. And I know that they are based on the first day of your last period, and on a 28-day cycle. My cycle is wonky, so who knows when I actually ovulated? My due date could actually be a week from now.

(I hope not.)

And up until a few days ago, I was still alright with the thought that I could go over my due date. That I could go a week over my due date. Two weeks. I thought all those women who talked about how crazy they got at the end waiting for their babies were just that: crazy.

And then yesterday happened. Oh, normal day. I putzed around. Watched TV. Cooked. Cleaned. Grocery shopped. Took a late-night trip out to Target just because I wanted a puzzle.

And I wished and hoped and wanted so bad for her to have a cool birthday like 12/12. I thought about it all day. I talked to her, pleaded for her to let me know she was ready to come out. But it didn't happen. Honestly kind of a bummer. At least she spent the day doing acrobatics so I know she's perfectly healthy and fine in there. But just not ready (like I am!).

Who knows when this baby is coming? Apparently everyone and their mother has a December birthday and they think that she's waiting for their birthday. As long as she doesn't wait until Christmas day I'll be happy. Today is her Uncle Jesse's birthday (Kevin's brother). He'd be a great person to share a birthday with, Adelaide. Just sayin'.

I just have to stay busy so I don't go stir-crazy. I need to go get gel capsules so that Kevin can encapsulate my placenta (post on that soon, probably). And taking some laps around the mall might not be a bad idea.

And I do have that new puzzle.


  1. hope she comes soon :)
    I was so eager to give birth to my second one!

  2. haha, can't wait to read the birth story and meet your baby girl! 12/12 would have been a cool birthday. I have heard that most first-time mothers are generally 1 week post-due date. good luck! :)

  3. Hi, I found your blog via Spearment Baby. I know how hard it is to have patience, my son was 10 days late! The hardest part was hearing people say "You're still pregnant?!"

    I love your nursery and am planning two more right now (I'm having twin girls). Wondering where you got your drapery hooks?

    Best wishes-

  4. [Meredith] A lady at Target today asked when I was due and I had to answer "yesterday"! That was weird. :)

    Thanks! I got the drapery hooks from IKEA. I think they were only $3 or so. They were white and I spray-painted them teal.


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