Dec 18, 2010

Just wanted to let you all know, baby's still not here!

Last night I had contractions for a couple hours. Not very strong, but consistent and frequent. They fizzled when I got up in the morning, but I've felt very crampy all day.

Maybe tonight's the night?


  1. The suspense you must be feeling! I jumped online for a quick minute just to see if you had posted. I was hoping not, because then I was just going to assume that you were in labor. ;) Try to enjoy the waiting...I have no idea how I'll ever get through it when my time comes! I'm so impatient.

  2. [Jenny] Aww, that's sweet of you to check up on me! Unfortunately we STILL haven't had the baby... we're just waiting, and waiting, and waiting! I'm getting awfully antsy, and I'm super impatient as well. I've been spending my time crocheting and doing some printmaking.


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