Dec 3, 2010

Music for Labor (in which Pandora does it all)

When I got pregnant and started to research all the things I needed to do before going into labor, I kept reading about making playlists for the labor and birth. How it was nice to have a few different playlists depending on what stage of labor I'd be in, or what kind of music I'd want at any given time. You know, fast and upbeat songs for the beginning stages when I'd still be moving around. Slow and calming songs for when I needed to just breathe through the contractions. Maybe something fun for the pushing stage.

I kept putting this task off because it seemed *so* overwhelming. How in the world would I choose the songs to put in these playlists??? How would I even begin to review all the music I like and choose certain music for certain times of labor?

Enter Pandora.

I love Pandora. I've decided that we'll plug in my laptop (or Kevin's phone) to the sound system and let her do all the work. I've got my stations that I've had set up for over a year now. She knows what I like and it's easy to change the stations depending on what I want to be listening to. And it'll be easy to type something new in, should I decide on that.

So whether it be Florence and the Machine, She & Him, The White Stripes, Bob Marley, or Biggie, I'll be set.

Thank you, Pandora, for making this easy on me!


  1. Me too! And the fact that it's free makes it 100x better!

  2. I would've LOVED pandora when I had A, but there was no internet connection where we were. I even have it on my phone, but no luck! Maybe we can change that this time around!

  3. [ker-AND-uh] I'm lucky - hubby's phone has Pandora, and as long as it hooks up to the birth center's radio setup, we'll be good to go! We're going to check on that Tuesday, at our next appointment!


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