Dec 16, 2010

While waiting, let's DIY.

This little girl of mine is letting me know she's here, with kicks to the ribs and head-butts to my cervix, which results in sharp pains similar to the ones I felt at the midwife's office (which did not result in screaming out of pain, as my father-in-law interpreted. It just freaked me out, that's all, but now that it's a few days later I can't even remember what it really felt like and that makes me realize what women say about birth: that the pain is quickly forgotten).

And an update: I have lost my mucus plug, or at least bits of it. Last night, hubs and I took a 45-minute brisk walk to try and move something along, and maybe that's what did it? All I know is at 4:30am, when I was up for the 3rd time peeing last night, I saw bloody show and gunk and I couldn't get back to sleep because of the excitement that something was actually happening! I felt so silly getting worked up over it because I know that labor could still be days away, but it was nice to actually see evidence that my body truly is working towards getting this baby out so that I can meet her soon.

Anyhow, like I said, I may have days, so here are a few projects I might try and whip up while waiting. Might as well be productive, right? The puzzle I bought went way too quickly, so I'm off to my next project, perhaps one of the following:

I've got some teensy shiny and glittery green ornaments that I could use for this ornament wreath.
Cold wintry weather calls for scarves and cowls.

I don't remember where I got this image, but it seems simple enough... felt alphabet.

I have a ton of tees that don't fit anymore. This 2-minute t-shirt dress tutorial seems like the perfect way to upcycle them!

Crochet chain trees. I love the simplicity of them, in look and process. This may be first on my list tonight!

Let's get busy! (I'm talking to you, Adelaide!)

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