Mar 16, 2011

Project 31: Day 13.

Day 13. Write about something you would like to change about yourself for the better.

Oh, tough one. Let's get deep, right? I would like to be more laid-back, like Kevin. Maybe not quite as much as Kevin, but a little bit would be great. I'm pretty much a control freak, although I'd have to say that I've let go of a little bit of that since Adelaide was born. When you have NO TIME to nit-pick over the state of your laundry pile or dishes gathering in the sink, then you have to learn to let it go. A little. I still run around during Adelaide's naps trying to keep up with the massive amounts of DIRTY in my house, but it's tough.

Things have to be just so in my house or it drives me nuts. Usually I can let things slide and build up for a few days, but then I go in a tizzy and it's not a good day until things are tidy again. Kevin is constantly telling me that the house looks fine, but I don't see it that way. Especially if I know people are coming over. And if people show up unexpectedly (like, to look at some of Kevin's drums?), and the house isn't clean??? Oh boy. I scan the house pinpointing everything that is wrong, knowing that they're seeing it too.

I think a lot of women obsess over their houses, too. It's like an extension of who we are. We obsess over our looks, and we obsess over the house we live in. Ugh.

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