Mar 13, 2011

[Adelaide is learning some hand-eye coordination, and testing it out on daddy's nose.]

This week I want to...

Work on a felt board for my best bud's babe, and one for Adelaide too.
Convert a couple pairs of knee-high socks into baby leg warmers.
Declutter pile of stuff in the living room that's been there for a couple of months.
Take a tour of a daycare center that's on the list.
Work out (cardio) at least 4 times by next Sunday.

What's on your list???


  1. I'd love it if you post some pictures of your babylegs. My husband is completely convinced that it will not work (I have no idea why - I've shown him loads of tutorials online with babies wearing them!) But if he sees Adelaide in them, he will understand. :)

    This week, I am hoping to birth my child. Fingers crossed.

  2. So I've cut the socks and just need to sew them up...but I can tell they're going to be super cute! I will post about them when they're done!


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