Mar 6, 2011

Photo Catch-up!

Hi all. Sorry for not posting lately, but life has been pretty busy with the baby. She's been pretty clingy to me the past couple of weeks, and also really fussy. She has been crying a lot, and it doesn't take much to get her going. I just try and take a lot of deep breaths and remember that this time will pass. Although I know I will miss her tiny self and cute smiles and babbles, I can't wait to be past this point of fussiness. Some of it is due to the gas problems, still, I know. But I think some of it is just her personality right now. But, times are good and as long as she's let me sleep a little, I'm a pretty content mama.

So, on that note, here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks:

Breastfeeding is going alright. Sometimes she fusses a lot at the breast because her tummy is hurting, and I have to take her off and wait until she settles down. Then we try again, and depending on how long she's been up, she sometimes falls asleep in my arms (like in this picture).

She still really loves the changing table, although she's recently developed the habit of crying for a few seconds when we first put her down. Then I ring the jingle-bell mobile above her and all is well. She coos and squeals a lot on the table, and of course looks ADORABLE!

Mema (my mom) came to visit this past weekend. She must have emanated "Good Grandma Energy" because Adelaide did really, really good and surprised me with how well she did in the Moby (which she sometimes fights) and in general.

For a while Adelaide would get very upset anytime Kevin held her. We don't really know why, but sometimes she would even cry when he'd look at her. Last week she took a turn for the better in that respect, and now she lets him hold her, which makes for a very happy daddy.

And the cutie in the bathtub - she looks like she's covering up for modesty! :)

Here we are hanging out in the front yard on one of our really lovely days. It may technically "winter" but sometimes the weather is wonderful, in the 70s sometimes.

So when the weather is especially good, we go for walks at the park that is 7 minutes away. Here we are trying out a mei-tei. I don't like it as much as the Moby or the Ergo for the simple fact that it hugs her super close and doesn't let her look around or really even move her head. Maybe when she's older and taller, we'll love it. It is really easy to put on and very lightweight.

And the dreaded paci. When I was pregnant, I swore that I would use a pacifier, but of course I caved. It helps to keep my sanity on those days when she's extra fussy. Plus, it's a sedative. Really. If she's fighting sleep and for some reason won't breastfeed, all I have to do is pop in a pacifier and off she goes! We also use it in the car when one of us can't be in the backseat to help keep her calm. Hearing her cry just breaks my heart.

Anyhow, I hope to resume some sort of blogging soon... so bear with me! I'm still getting the hang of being a mom! Thanks for visiting!

P.S. I would love some comment love. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads at all anymore!


  1. I am reading, lol! You seem to be going through similar things as I am. Ur bubba is getting so big now. She sure is a cuttie!

    Sorry to hear about Adelaide's wind problems. I am lucky Mikayla isn't too bad anymore. She struggles and strains to pass it, but she is a great feeder and never really cries.

    Is Adelaide latching properly? Maybe air is getting in when she suckles if it is noisy like you say. I watched a DVD a lactation consultant gave me and it helped me heaps in regards to latching the baby.

    I also have a really fast let down and a strong milk supply. Mikayla use to gasp and choke and take in lots of air. I ended up simply changing my feeding position by lying Mikayla ontop of me, while I knda lay backwards at an angle. She has to suck the milk upwards instead of it pouring into the back of her throat. She loves feeding in that position now and has much better control. It may help with Adelaide's wind if you haven't tried it already.

    Mikayla is also a Mummy's girl and very clingy to me. She didn't want to go to Daddy either until I showed him how to grab her attention and entertain her. She still prefers Mummy but he is at least able to hold her for a little while.

    I have tried Mikayla with a Paci but she refuses to take it. She is too much of a booby girl and wont take anything plastic. It actually makes her gag and sometimes vomit she hates it so much. Sometimes I wish she would though cause it would make times where she is just looking for comfort much easier, especially when we are out.

    Hope things start to settle down for you. You sound like you are doing a great job and handling it very well :)

  2. Look at her grow! I definitely read your blog, anytime you update. :)

    I wonder what it is about the changing nephew loves his as well. hmmm...

    Also, you are looking fantastic, mama!

  3. Hi! I read! I know I feel like no one is paying attention sometimes when no one comments on my blog, so I am here to answer your plea for comment love <3

    I love the photos of your day with Adelaide, and look how big she is getting! Aww!! And I like hearing what you think about the different carriers and with breastfeeding.

    I wanted to ask you - how did you make your blog header? As in, what are the dimensions? Because I tried to make one and when I upload it the width gets squished. Advice? I'd also love to know how to make a blog button! Thanks! :)

  4. [Where the heart is] Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I'm sorry Mikayla is having gas problems too... I know how horrible it can be! Adelaide'w been having a particularly tough day today. I too have a quick letdown and strong supply, and sometimes she choke, but she does have a good latch. I think she just needs to slow down sometimes!

    [Jenny] Thanks for the compliment! I'm pretty happy :)

    [Emily] Thanks! Adelaide definitely is getting big! I love wearing her and breastfeeding... two things we do al he time!!! I made my header and it was initially too wide so I had to play with the dimensions, but I can't remember now what they are... I'll try to figure it out and let you know when I find the time.


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