Mar 8, 2011

Passing time at the car dealership.

Today I had to get my oil changed and car inspected (it was due last October!!! - needless to say, I had other things on my mind!) so I packed up the baby and drove down to the dealership. It was over an hour wait and there were a lot of people there waiting on their cars too.

Adelaide has been pretty specific in how she likes to be held lately (facing out so she can look around) so I picked her up, left the carseat and my bag in a little room, and walked around the dealership for half an hour looking at the different cars and other things they had in the showroom. Potted plants (fake). Chairs. Hats for sale. Toys there for toddlers to play with, which she showed no interest in. Cars again. Potted plants again. Chairs again. Hats again. Etc. The longest 30 minutes ever.

She started getting bored, so I thought I'd try to nurse her to sleep in one of the waiting rooms. I picked up the bag and carseat and found a room that had two other women in it, as I thought they'd be a little more at ease with me breastfeeding. They were both on their phones anyhow, and I had a blanket to cover, so no biggie. Except after only a couple minutes of feeding, Adelaide decided to start squirming and crying from gas pains. So I quickly picked her up while trying to cover my boob at the same time. I was successful at that, thankfully.

I popped in the pacifier because I didn't want a wailing baby with all those people around (new mama anxiety), and decided to walk around bouncing her. She fell asleep, and I got lots of adoring looks and salespeople inquiring about her. Got some unwanted advice, smiled politely. Although I didn't want to talk to one particular guy about how often I nurse her and what I should be doing to make sure she stops crying, I just nodded and decided that if nothing else, it was helping to pass the time.

A new drive belt, $150, a passed inspection, spilled milk, and 75 minutes later, we were finally out of there. Thank goodness she'll be a bit older the next time I need an oil change! Hopefully she'll be more interested in the toys next time and I won't have to pace the showroom holding a 13 pound baby for ages.


  1. oh man i don't miss those moments!! but now i have a little kid who grabs and slams things on glass tables and likes to babble..LOUDLY! lol

  2. Well, although I can't wait for those days when she's not crying all the time, I can't say I'm too excited for the days when I'm constantly worried she's going to break something (especially if it's not mine!).


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