Mar 16, 2011

Adelaide refuses to be put down. Anytime we change her position, you can be sure there'll be a piercing scream and some crying. She still loves her changing table, for instance, but even then she'll still cry a bit before settling down and remembering that she'll be naked soon (which she loves to be). She wants to be held all the time, and if we do want to "put her down" it had better be after a full tummy and fresh diaper change. Only then will she willingly lay on the floor for some playtime. And sometimes she'll do a full five minutes of tummy time before getting frustrated.

This morning I tried to sit her on my lap for a bit of reading, and it was immediately meltdown time. This was after a nap and diaper change. It was purely due to frustration on her part. I tried to wait it out and got excited each time she took a deep breath and thought maybe she was done. But then she'd wail some more, and more and more. I gave up on the reading.

So I put on the Moby and tucked her in it, and although it was a couple of minutes of crying (her or me? :) she finally settled down and has been sitting like this listening to Florence + The Machine while I putz around on the internet.

She's starting to fall asleep now. Thankfully it's a cool day so my little heater won't make me too warm! I'm hoping that this intensity of her's means she'll be a spirited child who knows what she wants!

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