Jan 16, 2012

A Teeny Tiny Party! A post about the Decorations...

Adelaide had her very 1st birthday party Saturday afternoon. Her birthday was nearly a month ago (December 22nd), but that seemed too close to Christmas to throw a party. Plus, all the weekends leading up to Christmas were full of other babies' birthday parties (babies that attended her's, too!). From our birthing class to families I've met at a local babywearing group, it seems that we know A LOT of babies with mid-December birthdays. So we waited until the middle of January, when the holiday festivities have died down and people were available. And it worked out well, so we'll probably keep this tradition of celebrating with just us on her actual birthday and then throwing a party a month later.

Her theme: A Teeny Tiny Party!

I'd seen this idea around the web and I thought, what better birthday than the 1st to throw a Teeny Tiny Party? I mean, this is the teeniest tiniest she's ever going to be on her birthday (besides her actual birth day, of course)!

So, I made teeny tiny cupcakes, and a teeny tiny cake for her. All vegan, of course, since we're still iffy on dairy and haven't done eggs yet. They were a hit! Even my brother, who can live off of hot dogs and pepperoni pizza loved these dairy, egg, and butter-free goodies. Her cake is 3 tiny layers, chocolate, covered in icing, with a green star and little kiwi stars around it! I was very proud of that cake!


I also made a teeny tiny bunting that said happy birthday that I taped to the mirror in the living room... no picture but on the cake plate then night before.


I made some great green paper mobiles, that were just strips of paper sewn together with a running stitch through the machine. When hung, the separate strips kind of swirl around and it looks so great! It was cheap and easy, and honestly... they look so neat that they'll probably stay hanging up for a while!


I also made a circle bunting from paper to hang on the back of our white kitchen cabinets. It still looked a little plain, so I put three pictures that Adelaide had painted (at 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months) on the cabinets, too.

The table looked so nice! All the cupcakes with their teeny tiny toothpick flags, and all the teeny tiny foods! Mini graham crackers, mini triscuits, baby carrots, tiny tomatoes, baby pickles, mini nutter-butters, small bananas, mini pretzels, etc. Lots of finger foods for the babies, and plenty for the grown-ups!



I got teeny tiny bottles of Sprite and waters, and teeny tiny juice boxes for the kids. The Sharpie marker was for everyone to write their names on the lids, so we wouldn't mix up the bottles and there'd be less waste.


I was a bit nervous about it being crowded... we have a teeny tiny house (less than 1100 sq.ft), and we had 15 adults and 8 kids/babies... but it was great! People spread out in the living room, dining room, and nursery. The big kids (ages 7, 4, and 4) went outside to run around in the front yard some. It didn't feel stuffy at all and everyone seemed to have so much fun! We did clear the rooms as much as we could. Like, we took our big ole t.v. and moved it into our bedroom closet, and moved the coffee table to the side of the room, etc.

Up next post: the guests and the cake smashing!

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  1. Your food looks amazing! Was the vegan cake recipe your own, or did you find it online somewhere? My daughter's first birthday is a few months away, but I'm already trying to gather ideas...I make dairy free cakes a lot but it's hard to find a good egg substitute around here.


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