Jan 17, 2012

Teeny Tiny Cake Smashing!

Read about the theme and decorations for Adelaide's Teeny Tiny 1st birthday party here.

So, again, here's Adelaide's cake that I made:


It was a delicious vegan chocolate cake with a vegan buttercream frosting. It was a total hit and looked awesome too. I actually left the recipe at a friend's house (I had to go over there Friday after school because my oven is broken. BROKEN!) so I will try to get that and post it soon for those that are interested.


I made a regular circle cake and then used a circle cookie cutter as a guide to cut three small circles (though bigger than the cookie cutter) out of the cake. Those were the three layers of Adelaide's cake. And to stack them together, I just put the icing in a ziploc baggie, snipped the corner, and squeezed just a bit of icing around the edge to make the appearance that there was a ton of icing in between each layer without actually filling it all in. Does that make sense? And then I did completely frost the outside of the cake.



I used a small heart cookie cutter, placed it on top of the cake, and filled it in with green sprinkles. Lifted the cookie cutter, and voila! A perfect green heart. I used a small star cookie cutter to make the kiwi stars.

When everyone started singing Happy Birthday, Adelaide just leaned back in her seat, chilled out, and stared around at everyone. Then we all waited and watched as she dipped finger after finger into the icing and ate so petitely. She kept teasing us and making us think she was going to smash into it and/or pick it up, but she didn't. She did love it, however, and that's what mattered!





  1. Happy Birthday Adelaide! Cute cake, and vegan too...please share the recipe! My daughter's 1 year birthday party is coming up in a few months and I'm starting to get some ideas and a vegan cake is a must on the list! Thanks ( :

  2. Adelaide is such a doll! Can't wait for your recipe :)


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