Jan 7, 2012

Growing up, cutie pie.

Today was a beautiful day. It almost reached 70 degrees here in mid-North Carolina. In January. I love, love, love this weather, but it feels almost wrong to be loving it in January. It should be cold and freezing and cuddle-drink-hot-chocolate weather. And believe me, we had some chilly mornings this week (18 degrees one morning!), but the weekend has been wonderful.

Today felt so GOOD. We spent lots of time outside, walking in the leaves, hanging out on the porch. We got lots of chores done around the house (though by looking, you wouldn't know it). Tomorrow should be just as nice, but a little cooler. I plan on taking Adelaide to the park. I think she'll enjoy it a lot more now that she's really walking, crawling, and climbing. She's a little daredevil!

Today we went grocery shopping, and sitting in the cart isn't fun anymore for Adelaide. She wants to keep standing up and that makes mama nervous. Usually, I'll put her in the big part of the cart and let her stand, play around, whatever. But today was Super Doubles at Harris Teeter, and I needed to have my nice stack of coupons not get mangled.

So I opted to let her walk around the store with me. Grocery shopping has never been more tiring. She did really good though! Most of the time she stayed near me, didn't pull too many things off the shelves, and came when I asked her to. But sometimes she would give me a mischievous look and take off. And only towards the end of the shopping trip did she really start get defiant and forcing me to hold her even though she didn't want to be held. Next time, I'll bring my carrier in and plop her in it once she hits that point.


Getting ready to go out, I attempted to put a headband on her. This is usually a game of take it off, mama puts it back on, take it off, mama puts it back on... until mama gives up. This happened today, but she also decided to put it back on herself at one point. She seemed pretty proud to have done so and I snapped a picture just in the nick of time.

My big girl is growing up, and soon she'll be going to the grocery store in an outfit she chose all herself. And I'll let her go out with a backwards, crooked headband, mismatched clothes, and shoes on the wrong feet as long as she's happy with it herself. :)

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