Jan 19, 2012

Chair Refashion and Vegan Cake Recipe

First off, here's the recipe that a couple of you were interested in. These vegan chocolate cupcakes/cake were soooo yummy, moist, and delicious. They don't last long, if you know what I mean. :)

And the frosting: I pretty much looked a recipe, took out a bunch of ingredients and came up with something super simple and basic, but delicious. I added 3.5 cups of powdered sugar (basically a whole box) to 1 cup of softend Earth Balance margarine (vegan). I used my hand mixer, because I don't have a stand mixer (boo!) to slowly mix for 3 minutes. Then I added 1.5 tablespoons vanilla extract and kept mixing it for another 7. Well, I mixed for another minute, and then hubby took over for the last 6! It started off weird and stiff but then as the minutes went on it softened up and tasted great! I used a spatula and put some of the frosting into a ziploc baggie, snipped the corner, and used that to pipe on the frosting! So easy and tasty!


Now, having all kinds of people over for our party, I started looking at my house like, what looks bad? What could they notice? What could I fix? You know the drill.

And my kitchen chairs looked BAD. I mean, they are these cheap-o chairs from Walmart from years ago to begin with, covered in this beige microfiber and STAINED like crazy from years of eating and having cats.

This is the good chair.

So I used some fun fabric I had and did a quick, not-professional-but-definitely-good-enough job of reupholstering my chairs. Kevin was iffy about my choice of print, but I loved it from the beginning (the art teacher in me loved all the different lines!) and now Kevin has fallen in love with the look as well. So fun and will match any future kitchen paint colors!


What do you think? Took me maybe 2 hours, but only because I had to keep giving my hand a break from that dang staple-gun. Oh, and a very curious toddler. TODDLER!

P.S. And thank you to my kind commenters for making me feel not so bad about Tuesday. Wednesday sucked equally, but hopefully things are on the up-and-up.


I love comments! I read every single one and try to respond to most of them (during the baby's naps or in between loads of laundry). I value any and all thoughts, advice, and tidbits that you want to share!