Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!


Hello 2012! This year promises to be a good one! This year, we will have a toddler that will talk, run, jump, and turn TWO by the end! We will go on lots of adventures, explore new places, take family vacations. We will surely visit the mountains and the beach, but view them with new eyes as our littlest family member will point out all the things we pass over. She'll point her chubby little finger and we will rediscover life's little pieces. We plan to keep working on the house, paying off debt, building up the business (Kevin's), working out (hah!), eating better, cooking more, cleaning less (double-hah!). Life is good, and will be so good in 2012!

Goodbye 2011! You were so wonderful to us, but we're ready for more!

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