Jan 25, 2012

Last week/weekend.

We should really spend more time outside!

Boy, last week was tough. I touched on it when I posted Tuesday about how I was having a hard time and feeling guilty and sad to be working instead of spending my days with Adelaide. As if I have a choice, you know? But I don't, and I have to work to make enough money for us to pay the bills. With just a smidge left over. Hardly.

Well, all last week I felt that way. Each day I dragged myself to work and hated being there, and then I'd rush home and get a couple hours with Adelaide. Who, by the way, has been really exerting her independence/frustrations/etc lately, so it's been a test of patience and consistency for me.

Wednesday, Kevin's Jeep broke down on his way home from work, so after my fullest day of the week, picking up Adelaide, getting home to check my phone (which I'd left at home) and seeing many missed calls and messages from Kevin, got to load the little one back into the car to drive up into Charlotte to pick him up. $350 and 2 days later, his Jeep is halfway fixed, though it's still driving funny. It's 16-year-old car that's gone through a LOT, and it's on it's way out. And we don't have the extra cash for a new car, so we're crossing our fingers that it doesn't break anytime soon.

AND, as if my week weren't bad and depressing enough on it's own, Friday I came down with something. I had to leave work early to pick up Adelaide in the first place, because I'd gotten a call that she was having a terrible day and wasn't herself. Not running a fever, but something was wrong, so I took a half-day, and went to pick her up. Of course she seemed fine once I was there, but turned out that I caught some weird 12-hour bug and couldn't keep anything down all night. I was dehydrated, emptied, and weak weak weak. Poor Adelaide was in fits because she didn't understand why I kept running from her to the bathroom, and why I was spending my night in bed not holding her. Kevin did great taking care of her, but it sucked nonetheless. Thankfully it was a quick bug, and I just spend Saturday uninspired to eat or do anything, still recovering from being so weak. Sunday I woke up and felt like a million bucks and packed a whole weekend into one day!

So there. Last week/weekend, you will not be missed. You sucked. Big time. This week is already better. Nothing special, just better. Hopefully I'll figure this working mom thing out someday. Come to terms with it and figure out how to enjoy every role I'm in. For now I feel like I'm just taking one day at a time.

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