Dec 26, 2011

Adelaide is ONE YEAR OLD!

Dear Adelaide,

Happy birthday! Someone, please pinch me! Has it really been a year already since your sweet face joined our family?!? The saying is true: time flies. Probably because you keep us so busy and sleep-deprived, but still. It has been one amazing year. So full of life and love and adventures and fun discoveries... for you and for us!


One year ago, it was the winter solstice, and you were coming while the moon was orange and the day was short. It was the second day of winter when you arrived, strong lungs screaming and beautiful eyes alert and watching your dad within minutes of your life. Your head full of dark hair which just keeps getting lighter, and your limbs so thin that have filled out considerably (prompting everyone to say "Well, she hasn't missed a meal, has she?!").


While I read the books, and heard veteran moms say how much will change the first year, I never really knew until it happened. You went from being a helpless little ball of person in my arms 24/7 to a strong, independent toddler who wants to do everything herself. You went from drinking only my milk to eating nearly everything put in front of you (though you will still always drink my milk every time it's offered). You have become more confident and determined to explore... as long as you know momma is nearby, you aren't afraid to turn corners and walk down new hallways, roam around dance floors, and take off in the middle of a store.


You have taught your daddy and me patience, deep (DEEP) love, humor, to see the lighter side of things, to let the bad things go more easily. To realize what's really important: family. And that's you, little one. Life is brighter, warmer, more exciting, and faster. We love you so, so, SO SO SO much. Every day brings new adventures. I'm excited to see what will happen in your second year of life. It's all so amazing!


Love, Momma.

P.S. By the way, here's what new this past month! You:
  • Can point out your belly button on cue
  • Can point out momma's and daddy's noses (but not your own)
  • Are infatuated with dogs, exclaiming "DAH" when you see one (picture or real)
  • Have no problem lifting your sippy cup to drink
  • Raise your arms when we say "All done!"
  • Help get yourself undressed by lifting your legs out of pants, and putting your head down to take your shirt off
  • Can get off the big bed by yourself by sliding down off the side
  • Know what these words mean: Up, ball, dog, cat, cup, milk, hug, kiss, gentle, all done, diaper, brush hair, book, phone, dada, doorbell, hat, and many more!
  • Know what a brush is for, and try to use one
  • Go from hitting to rubbing and saying "Ooh" when we tell you to be gentle
  • Have tried cat food, three times (didn't like it!)
  • Love the bath more and more (content with just a cup to play with, too!)
  • Can sit in our laps! This makes us so, so happy! Especially when you bring a book to read!

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  1. Man oh man oh man. She's so freaking cute. Happy First Birthday, Adelaide.


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