Dec 4, 2011

Thanksgiving picture post #2 (Image heavy.)

Boys playing with their mama.

Brothers goofing off (as always!).

Around the dinner table.

My handsome husband! (and beautiful baby)

Best place I've prepped diapers thus far: the beach!


Family beach photo!

Every year, Kevin swims in the freezing water. I can't do it. Way too cold!

With Aunt Ashley and Uncle Jesse.

HOW ADORABLE IS THIS PHOTO??? Cousins holding hands looking at the water! I die.

Daddy and Adelaide.

Watching the tide go.

And finally... with my baby girl.

Next Thanksgiving will be even more fun! Hopefully Adelaide will be more independent then, talking, running, who knows what? And we'll have another little cousin at the house, about 10 months old. It will be so sweet to see the three cousins together, a new generation to form relationships and have magical times together! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great, too!

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