Dec 21, 2011

A moment, finally!

It's winter break, y'all! So happy! I have literally had no time or motivation to post in the past three weeks, after that Thanksgiving update. But now I have no work until JANUARY. So. Awesome.

(Last weekend, right before heading out to meet Santa for the first time!)

Since starting work in October, I've really just been trying to keep afloat at work, planning lessons moment to moment (thankfully I think fast on my feet!), and never having a break to switch out art displays or get something fantastic together. I really feel awful about my level of dedication this year, but I have something way more important to think about and get home to. No more late nights prepping or creating cute displays. No more hours spent perusing art lessons on the internet. Nope. I'm pretty much just sticking to lessons I've already done, with a few new ones thrown in here and there.

But! Monday and Tuesday were workdays, and they weren't filled with staff development like every other workday has been (literally - these were the first two days given to teachers to spend in our classrooms so far this year), so I was able to PLAN! I've got some fun art games prepped and ready to go, neat lessons all written up. It felt good to turn on some music, wear my jeans, sip some root beer, and really fluff up my plans.

And today? Today Kevin's at work, Adelaide's at daycare, and I'M HOME ALONE. Which is why you're finally hearing from me. I do apologize. I keep thinking, I can post about this, it wouldn't take but a minute. But then, no. I'd rather sleep or catch up on Modern Family. But today I get 7 whole hours TO MYSELF. No baby on my hip or screaming at me because her gums hurt (damn teeth! STILL working on that second one - I see it now, though!).

On the agenda: LOTS of sewing/crafting. I have a huge, embarrassing pile of just-started, half-done, or almost-completed projects that I've been avoiding for the past, oh I don't know, YEAR. I'll have time to get something started, but then you-know-who needs me, and I can't finish. And then my scatter-brained self starts something new. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I'm so excited for this time today. I plan on writing a couple more post, just to catch you all up, but really, I'm probably just going to turn up the music and plop my tush in my chair at my machine and stitch up some awesomeness. Pictures to come. Maybe. Don't hold your breath.

Love you all! Thanks for sticking around, and I hope everything is going well! Please do pop in and say hi sometime!

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  1. How fun that you're already celebrating your break from school! I'm a teacher too and I've got 4 hours left until my glorious 2 week break begins! My daughter is 8 months old and I'm excited to spend some lazy days with her this break as well as catching up on some blog posts...and not thinking about teaching! Have a great break!


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