Dec 28, 2011

Our Christmas Morning... Adelaide's first!

Christmas is never more exciting than when you're a kid. The anticipation of waking up Christmas morning to a slew of new toys and gifts, not knowing what has been hiding under the tree all month. The flurry of wrapping paper tossed aside, the growing heap of boxes and bows and ribbon. You see stuffed stockings, and new books, and maybe that one thing you really hoped to get.

Then you grow up and Christmas is still fun, but some of the magic is gone. You decorate, you buy gifts for your loved ones, you anticipate what others might give to you. But you're busy working most of the month, you spend your free time cleaning the house and doing all the grown-up stuff that gets int he way of just relaxing and realizing that Christmas is so close.

Then you have a kid, and the magic is back! Santa came to this house for the first time this year. Last Christmas, Adelaide was 3 days old, and that was enough magic for us to last through the holiday season (and the rest of our lives, really!). But this year, Santa stopped by to surprise an unknowing 1-year old with her very first bit of Christmas wonder. And I must admit, it was so exciting to anticipate her reactions to the whole thing!

Santa came!

Walking down the hall in the morning, seeing the rearranged furniture and fun new stuff.

What's this? A tunnel (that she has yet to crawl through).

Christmas collage 1
She went straight for these toys and started exploring. Emptying buckets, then filling them back up!

Tents are so much fun! Great fun for reading, hiding, and going in and out of!


This looks makes me melt!

Christmas collage 2
Thank you to all our family who showered wonderful gifts on our little girl!

The aftermath... We cleaned up wrapping paper as we went, so it didn't get toooo bad.

Merry Christmas from our family to your's!


  1. I love that pic of Adelaide and you as she walks down the hall to all of her toys. You're so right, as soon as you have a child, the magic of Christmas is back. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you! I love that picture too... she looks so curious!


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