Jan 9, 2011


Take a look at the awesomeness below:

That's my baby, sleeping soundly all wrapped up in our Moby. Complete awesomeness. I got the wrap as a gift from the family I used to babysit for. I was, oh, 7 months pregnant when they gifted it to me, and I attempted to put it on then over my big belly. Then the older girl went and got her American Girl doll so we could get a (very poor) feel for how it would go with a baby. Needless to say, a real-live baby feels so much better than a stiff doll!

I'd tried to put it on before and put Adelaide in the cradle hold, but she had none of that. This morning, however, during a spell of calmness (in between the grunting and pooting, that is), I set her on the bed and talked her through putting on the Moby wrap. And then I took a quick peek at the directions for the Newborn Hug hold, and tada!

She fussed for all of two minutes with the newness of it, but then conked out and stayed that way for over an hour. I tucked her head in and then danced around a bit for Kevin, and saying "this is so cool!" and "hands free!" while I did jazz hands.

This Wednesday I am going to a babywearing meetup, and hopefully I'll get some tips on how to put on the Moby a little quicker and neater. And maybe she how to do a hold where I can breastfeed her. I can't wait to get just a little better at it, so I'll feel comfortable wearing her at the grocery store or out on a walk (when there isn't snow in the forecast, like there is tonight - maybe Kevin will get a snow day???)!


  1. Mobys rock! I love mine and wish A would sit still long enough for me to keep wearing him. But I'll be glad when Baby B is here so I can wear him/her! You look adorable!!

  2. What a fabulous picture! She is so adorable, all snuggled up in there :) And jazz hands? Kudos for feeling jazzy with a newbie in the house! I think I would have pulled off sleepy eyes better than jazz hands back in the day...


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