Jan 6, 2011

Two weeks old!

Little Adelaide turned two weeks old yesterday. In some ways it feels like those two weeks have flown, and in other ways it seems she's been here forever. Maybe it's the sleep-deprived part of me that feels like it's been an eternity of nursing, changing diapers, and sitting up at night trying to figure out why she's fussy? Probably.

To commemorate the two-week mark, I took some pictures of my little one all wrapped up in fuzzy blankets in a basket that was originally the carrier of Harry and David fruit (a congrats gift from the family I used to babysit for).

I didn't quite get the shots that I was hoping for... you know, the naked newborn booty photos, but I did get a few that showed how expressive Adelaide can be. And of course, how beautiful she is.

At one point I moved the basket (which was on my kitchen table) and the table was all wet. Turns out she peed, and the blanket, basket, and table were the victims. I should have kept a diaper on her, but I was really hoping for those butt shots, and didn't want the marks from the diapers on her cute little tush. Next time I'll know better!


  1. She's gorgeous! Isn't it crazy how time can move both fast and slow?

  2. Oh my goodness what a beautiful little girl!!! i can't wait to have another one!!

    thanks for your comments on my journal! I've been taking classes from Janel from www.iheartrunwithscissors.blogspot.com. She is currently doing one called New Year... New You! She is the person who got me started journaling when she did a 30 Day Journal Challenge! (It's still on her blog and you could still follow the prompts, I'm sure!)

    The last picture was from Exploding Dog! Do you remember his/her art work!? Crazy cute stick people! I LOVE those designs!!


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