Jan 4, 2011

Noisy baby.

I think I have the noisiest baby ever. She grunts, groans, moans, screams, cries, coos... it goes on and on.

She doesn't just eat. She verbalizes every bite. At night, we can't sleep because she talks through supper. Poor Kevin doesn't get to sleep in like I do when she finally chooses to knock out.

The past couple of nights have been tough, too. My midwife says this is about the time that she'll get sensitive to certain foods I'm eating, so today is my first day trying no dairy, in case that's what's the problem. She has been gassy and really fussy, and today not as much. But... wait until 10:30, when the fussiness has been kicking in... we'll see!

She is still so precious, noise and all. :)


  1. Hang in there! I have two fussy babies on my hands. Oliver was particularly gassy and fussy...like for the first 5 months (although both of them cried....a lot...especially at night around 9)! I don't know if it was colic/reflux/????. It just eventually got better. Now they are both incredibly happy (although maybe not any quieter, lol). I have noticed that the fussy ones always turn out to be the ones that are FULL of life later on!

  2. 5 months!?!? Oh boy... hopefully we'll figure it out soon! But thanks for the positive ending to that comment!


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