Jan 2, 2011

First walk with the little one.

Today was so nice! 62 degrees with just a bit of breeze.

Kevin and I took the opportunity with this awesome weather to get in our first walk with the little lady. She slept through it, but it was nice to get out and get some fresh air in my lungs.

This house has felt a little suffocating lately, so to be able to get out and walk around was awesome. I'd been used to walking so much leading up to the labor anyhow, it felt weird not to go on a walk for eleven days!

And now that this first one with papa was so successful, maybe I'll go on a walk alone with Adelaide when he's at work, so long as the weather is decent. All I have to do is fill her up and let her fall asleep first, haha! :)


  1. :) I'd love to take A for a walk, but he's so busy nowadays!! And it's beYOND cold. lol I'm glad y'all had fun!!

  2. Well I've yet to go on any more walks... now it's getting colder and it's been kinda rainy. At least I got one walk in!


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