Apr 6, 2011

Whoops, veggies, and the cuteness.

Ok, I've already failed at my self-imposed workout challenge! While I did take a nice walk at the park on Sunday, I didn't do anything Monday OR Tuesday! Gah. You'd think lugging around a 14+ pound baby all day would count for something, right? BUT, the week is still young, and I WILL workout. ("I think I can, I think I can...")

Tonight is the premiere of Extreme Couponing on TLC and like a huge dork I'm really excited for it. I'm a couponer out of necessity. Money is tight around here and I'm guessing will be for a while. Even when I go back to work in August all my extra cash will go towards day care (so many hours spent dreading that). But even more than tight finances, I love getting groceries for cheap. I have a binder and everything. I even got my moma back into it and when she comes to visit, we'll trade coupons and even do a big shopping trip if there are good deals that week.

What sucks though, is you don't find coupons for produce. We're a vegetarian family, and although we do eat a bunch of stuff that isn't produce, we DON'T eat a lot of the stuff you find coupons for (meat, junk food, sugary stuff, etc.). And the past few weeks we made a very conscious effort to eat way more veggies instead of falling back on pasta dinners and pizzas a lot. You can be vegetarian and unhealthy, if you don't focus on a varied diet. When I was pregnant I ate SO healthy, but then I got tired, stressed, and busy with the birth of Adelaide and fell back on some unhealthy eating habits. Kevin and I are trying to turn that around, now that the little one is a bit older and doesn't mind sitting in her Bumbo for a few minutes while we chop up veggies for a fajita dinner or salad.

Speaking of which, this Saturday is the first day of our farmer's market's season! I'm incredibly excited to go and pick out super fresh produce for the week and introduce Adelaide to all the colors, sights, sounds, and even smells of the market. Our market, along with veggie vendors, has a slew of other products (eggs, goat's cheese, soaps, etc) and even does chef demonstrations and crafty things for kids to do. We will definitely be getting out there Saturday morning!

And to reward you with making it through this somewhat scattered and long post, here's a picture from a couple weekends ago. This is how Adelaide likes to be carried most of the time now... one arm out, hanging out and looking around. I think she feels a little more freedom this way.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the week! Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. I agree with your post! We veggie/fruit lovers have to be creative. I will often seen Cascadian Farms printable coupons and I ask all my friends and family to print them for me. I've gotten bags of their organic veggies for $.50. Driscoll's also has coupons every now and again (not sure if they are organic, but I love their berries.) Also, I've contacted companies for coupons. KerryGold sent me a coupon with a $7 value. I picked up a HUGE brick of their wonderful, all natural, white cheddar cheese at BJ's for $0. Good Luck in your search!
    I'm also a new follower from the blog hop!
    Hope you can hop by and visit me:

  2. [Nancy] Thank you for your comment. Nice tips that I will have to look into for getting coupons on produce! Thanks for stopping by!


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