Apr 11, 2011

Giggles + bathing suits.

The little has been giggling! Well, not a lot. Actually, only 3 times. The first two times she giggled was April 8th (last Friday). She got up at an awfully early 5:30, and after changing her diaper I took her back into the bed to play a bit and try to wake Kevin up. I was making this elephanty noise with my mouth into her neck over and over and out popped a giggle! And then another one! It was so precious and lovely and I melted and almost cried.

It's safe to say that I've been trying like crazy to get her to giggle again. I can tell when she's working up to one, but only just yesterday has she giggled again. She was on the changing table and I was counting. Every number I would start far away and get really close to her face. It was all smiles and squeals, and finally a giggle. :) I love it! It's so perfect and sweet!

And speaking of love, I love these bathing suits by Anthropologie! I think they're great for new moms that still have a pudgy belly. I don't spend much time in bathing suits anyhow, but these are so wonderful that I would have to find a local pool to lounge at. Don't count on seeing me in one of these, though. The price of practically everything at Anthropologie is way too much for my tastes, but I can window-shop, right?

This is my favorite:
I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Mine's been full of sweet smiles and giggles (oh wait, did I mention that already?)!

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  1. That bathing suit is cute! I remember first giggles/laughing being some of the best firsts of all. I still absolutely love it when Penelope laughs; it usually makes me forget other issues at hand and laugh with her. :)


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