Apr 12, 2011

April, you're awesome. [another milestone!]

[These pictures have nothing to do with this post. I just want to show of my cutie pie. <3]

Well, April is just turning out to be her month of awesomeness! On April 1st, she flipped from tummy to back, though she hasn't done it since. And April 8th marked her first giggle. Ready to add another one to the list?

Today, April 12th, marks the first time she rolled from back to tummy! Hands down the toughest thing she's done yet! She was enjoying some nakey-time, gnawing on her hands and playing with her feet. (Oh yeah, she's recently found her feet and it's incredibly adorable how she automatically goes for them during a diaper change... I wonder how long until her feet find her mouth?)

Her legs flop to the side, and she lets go of her feet, and starts sucking on her hands again... Slowly but surely, her lower half is completely turned over and she just has to figure out how to get her upper half turned over as well. It's that darn arm underneath her, a big hurdle to figure out how to push past it and then once she's over it, how to get it out from underneath her.

But she figured it out, twice! And it was so cute watching that little naked body flip over. Once she got on her tummy, you could see the surprise on her face that she was flipped over. Especially because this was late in the evening and she was tired... not really up for some full-on tummy time.

*sigh* Watching the process unfold was like watching a really, really great movie. Rooting for the main character. Sitting on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, and cheering when she finally figures it out. I can't imagine how good it's going to feel when she sits up on her own, crawls, walks, talks!

What else does April hold for us? We're not even halfway through and it's been amazing so far!


  1. What a cutie! I'm a new follower! If you get a chance, I'd love a follow back @ www.adeliciousobsession.com. Thanks!

  2. [Danielle] Thank you! I have to agree - she's precious!


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