Apr 26, 2011


I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. We didn't do anything fancy, just hung out with some family for a few hours in the afternoon/evening. We hadn't seen Kevin's family in a little while so it was nice to catch up. I'm sure Adelaide looked huge to them after not seeing her for a while!

Ooh! And I made Adelaide a sort-of Easter outfit! I'm incredibly excited about it because I haven't made many clothes for her (in fact, just one other dress that she doesn't fit into yet), and they look so freakin' adorable on her. You know that saying "the clothes make the man"? Well, this baby makes these clothes!

[Here's Adelaide sporting her new outfit: pants and hairband made by me. The adorable ruffly top is from Babies R Us.]

[The pants, made from scratch. I just used a pair that she fits into now and traced them onto the blue fabric, leaving room for seam allowances. It's not a stretchy fabric though, and I didn't make the waist quite big enough so it was a PAIN to pull up over her bulky cloth diaper! She probably won't wear the pants again, but I'm saving them anyway!]

[And a closeup of the bunny face. I hand-stitched it onto the pants. Two french knots for the eyes and a little "x" for the nose. So cute! I recycled a stained white tee for the bunny.]

[I LOVE this picture of me and Adelaide. She is so beautiful to me!]

[And here is Papa Brown with Adelaide. He was such a proud grandpa. She did really good with him and so helped me relax a little bit and not have to hold her the entire time.]

[She grabs everything, and here she is checking out the wind chimes that hang down from the willow tree.]

[Here is my nephew, Adelaide's cousin. He was the only easter egg hunt participant, but he had a blast anyway. Maybe next year Adelaide can try to hunt some eggs!]

[So happy that he found the big blue egg with extra treats in it!]

[Kevin and the little man drumming. Little man LOVES his Uncle Kevin because he's so goofy! Kevin made the big pow-wow drum as a gift for his dad, and headed up the djembe that he's playing for his brother who's off at college.]

[Adelaide fell asleep on Papa. It's amazing how babies can sleep so crooked and be so comfortable. Kind of like cats, huh?]

So that was our Easter, minus the screaming baby the hour-long drive home. Although she absolutely loves being around people, she gets overstimulated and we pay for it later. It was nice, though, to see family and show off our precious girl. And like I said, she did so good with Papa (at least until she came back inside and saw me, then she remembered that she wanted me to hold and she started crying!)!

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  1. Your baby IS beautiful! And that bunny on the pants: adorable!
    Get used to the pulling pants over cloth diapers problem, LOL. Baby clothes are not designed for the big bulky bottoms anymore! :-)
    I have a daughter just a month or so older than your Adelaide! She tends to get overstimulated too, and we PAY. But here's some hope for you: it has gotten MUCH better in the past several weeks, and she seems to be able to handle longer days and more activity better now! :-)

    (I'm a new GFC follower from the Spearmint Baby Alexa Hop!)

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