Apr 2, 2011

Happy being naked.

Scream, scream, scream, scream! She hates being laid down. Hates it. But it's hard to change a diaper otherwise.

Hurredly pull the socks and pants off. Try and entertain her with the jingle bell mobile above the bed.

It's not working.

Try to sing a little bit. Not working.

Try to blow in her face to distract her from the piercing cry. Not working.

Then pfft, pfft (those were the velcro diaper tabs being pulled off), off comes the diaper. Naked butt and legs in the air.

She's happy again.

She just loves being naked! We spend so much time standing beside the changing table, talking with her and hanging out with her just so she can lay there, happy for a little while. She fusses again when we start to put the diaper on.

I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of naked baby around here this summer when it warms up!


  1. How funny. She is sooo cute! Henry hated having his diaper and clothing changed and would scream or hold his breath. We would dread changing it. With #2, he really could care less. It's a nice change.

  2. [Tammy] Oh, I think I would dread it too! Hopefully if we have another child, he/she will be a lot calmer (all around)!


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