Apr 19, 2011

In love with this girl.

Things to note about this picture:
  1. Her shirt is majorly wet with drool. This is a daily occurrence, and although I know bibs would catch the drool, I don't think they're that cute so my daughter sits in wet shirts every day.
  2. She's looking at a picture of me and Kevin, and did so contentedly for quite a while.
  3. The bumbo matches our kitchen, which, by the way, is the brightest room in the whole house and totally doesn't match the subdued blues and grays of the rest of the rooms. But I love its boldness and we get lots of compliments on it.
  4. Those woodland pants are abso-freakin-lutely adorable! I love them. They are a goodwill find and are a size 6 month! Wow!
  5. I'm anal about my fridge magnets. They all have to be straight and evenly spread out.

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