Apr 25, 2011

Adelaide [4 months]

Dear Adelaide,

You are now four months old. Can you please stop growing? My mama-mind is in disbelief with the fact that you have been here a whole four months already. I looked back at some pictures your dad had on his phone the other day and gawked at your teeny tiny newborn self, when you were so small! I already miss those days (and sleepless nights) and wish I knew then to enjoy them a little more, but they are kind of a blur. Thank goodness for pictures and videos!

This week you had your 4-month appointment at the doctor's. This was a big day because you got your first vaccinations. We're giving you your shots on a delayed schedule, and we're spreading them out. This time you got your first two shots, and you were a champ! Two nurses came in and did them both at the same time: one in each thigh. You cried for maybe 2 seconds, then you stopped and smiled at one of the nurses! And then you only got fussy because we had been there for a while and you were getting bored. It made me feel so good that you didn't cry too much, because if I had the choice we would have delayed the vaccines until you were much, much older. But since I have to go back to work, we are required to give you the vaccines now.

You are 14 pounds 15 ounces (just shy of 15 pounds!) which puts you in the 79% for weight. You are 25 inches tall (over 2 feet!) which means you are in the 78% for height. Everyone loves your rolls on your arms and legs and I've even heard that Gigi and Papa Savoie (your great-grandparents) count them when they see pictures of you!

This has been an exciting month for you as far as development goes. It's so exciting for me as your mama to see you grow and learn how to do things and be a person. This month you rolled from your tummy to your back, but I think that was just a coincidence. I think I laid you down on your tummy in just the right way so that it was super easy for you to roll over. You haven't done it since.

But you have taken to rolling from your back to over to your tummy. You only do it when you're naked though! I think it's much harder for you to figure out how to kick your legs over and roll when you're wearing your bulky cloth diapers. But you'll figure it out soon, I just know it. Every night after your bath we give you a little bit of nakey-time, and you love it. You're vocal and active, and you roll, roll, roll!

You also giggled for the first time last month (on August 8th), and you've giggled a handful of times since then. Mostly for me, but you finally giggled once for your daddy this week. It's the most precious sound! We love hearing you giggle, and I can't wait until you're laughing at everything. We goof off a lot in this family and I know you'll love watching mine and your daddy's silly antics!

You're reaching out and grabbing everything! It's awesome to see you look at something and watch your hands slowly reach out for it. And most of the time, whatever you grab goes directly into your mouth! You suck on your fingers all the time, but you haven't got a favorite (no thumb-sucking for now).

Soon you will have teeth. You've got two little tooth buds on your bottom gums. The doctor said the teeth can cut through in as soon as a couple of weeks, or it could take a couple months more. All I know is that you're gnawing on everything and drooling like crazy!

Adelaide, we love you so so so very much! Time with you keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. You are our joy every day and we cherish the time we spend with you. When your daddy and I see little girls doing cute things (like when we go out, or videos we see on the internet) we get really excited to think about what kind of girl you will be. I think you'll be our sweet nature girl since you really love being outdoors. Only time will tell!

We love you so much!
Love, your mama


  1. Hi, Following you from Spearmint Baby. http://pinkdandychatter.com
    Have a great week!

  2. She is beautiful! I am FINALLY coming by your blog. I have been a bad, bad blogger the last few weeks. Life has caught me up in a whirlwind, and like Dorothy I have been trying to find my way back from Oz. Ha!
    What a sweet girl, and I love her name.

  3. [Ashlee] Thanks so much! She is a very sweet girl! <3


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