Nov 29, 2010

You'd think by now...

...I'd remember to post my weekly picture updates on time! Oh well. Blame it on the fatigue. I've been tired A LOT. Chalk it up to my extra 35 pounds I'm lugging around, and the fact that I'm getting ready to push a freaking human out of my wooha. (Kind of a scary though, ya know.)

Anyway, here's my 37-week picture. Unfortunately I'm not really in focus, but the beautiful red leaves are! One of our cameras that we shipped off to Nikon (we actually had two broken ones!) should be fixed and here early this week so we can start getting good pictures again (just in time!).

38-week pictures coming really soon! Umm.... promise?


  1. LOL, don't worry I am the same. I barely have the energy to blog. I really should take some more pregnancy pics while I still can. You are looking great! Def have the pregnancy glow :)

  2. [Where the Heart is] Thsnks for the uplifting comments! :) Definitely take more pictures! You will never get this time back, and I can say that as a daughter, I love looking at my mom's old pregnancy pictures (though she didn't take them like I do)... I'm sure your little bubs will too!


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