Nov 26, 2010

Black Friday Fill-Ins

I'm not crazy, so I'm not going out today on the busiest, most insane, and perhaps most dangerous shopping day of the whole year. (But, if I had a shopping buddy, I might actually want to try it out one day, as I've never done it!) Instead, I slept in till, oh, about now, and I'm blogging, and I'm about to make some kick-ass french toast (for the first time, so how kick-ass it will be, I don't know). And little one is tumbling about in there, so I think she's excited for her first taste of the toast herself!

[Our tree, trimmed and gorgeous!]

Here you go:

1. Three things I must have on my Thanksgiving table: 1) Mashed potatoes, 2) Canned cranberry sauce, 3) Meatless turkey.

2. Poor Kevin has had a cough for a few days, so the past couple of nights, he's been sacked out on the couch so I could sleep.

3. This is been a busy, fast, wonderful year.

4. I've got my tree up, now it's time to decorate everything else!

5. Oh, man, thankfully it's only day 2 of my hubby's 4-day weekend, because I'm loving all this time with him!

6. Someday I will perfect the art of procrastinating.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with family again, tomorrow my plans include grocery shopping for a big cooking storm coming soon and Sunday, I want to hang Christmas lights (or rather, watch Kevin hang them)!

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