Nov 25, 2010

Before It's Too Late

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to the blog world.

I'm super thankful for so much this year. Here's 7 things off the top of my head after a long day of eating, visiting family, driving, and staying up late:
  1. My husband who I adore and who adores me back. It's wonderful to have found that person that makes me so happy. Sometimes I get so baffled at how it is that I happened to have found him, and how lucky I am to have him.
  2. This little person inside me who will some day be able to make lists like these, but for now seems content to kick me in the sides and hiccup all day long.
  3. My family and friends, who I am finding more and more important as the years and months go by, especially with this pregnancy. I guess it's my mommy-instinct kicking in, knowing that I will need that support system, but I definitely want people in my life who love me and let me know I'm alright.
  4. My cats, who are my furry kids. I love all four of them, and for different reasons. Just like people they are who they are.
  5. My health. I am extremely lucky that I have no major health issues. I attribute a lot of that to the fact that I take pretty good care of my body, though I could surely exercise more. But I eat a very healthy vegetarian diet and I am in tune with my body's needs for the most part. Tomorrow this may change, but for today, I'm glad I'm healthy and that my body is doing it's part to keep me here and part of life.
  6. My sewing machine. Seriously, I know, but I have been loving it lately. Not it specifically, because a lot of the time I'm punching it and cussing at it for locking up and me not knowing how to fix it.... But I think I'm mostly thankful that I just have one and that it enables me to make some pretty awesome stuff. I'm sure with my maternity leave, I'll have a little more time here and there to make some more awesome stuff, too.
  7. My home, which is slowly and surely coming together into a place that I want to be in. For the longest time I have been unhappy with it because it didn't feel like me, but now that we're working on it and painting it and making it nice, it feels more like home.

Okay, it's late. Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

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