Nov 23, 2010

Don't you find that adorable?

A fellow teacher just came in my room to say goodbye.  Tomorrow is my last day of work for the rest of the school year (it can't come fast enough) so as I'm seeing people, I'm saying goodbye.

She came in and the first thing she said was, "I guess I haven't seen you in a while... you're looking fuller in the face now, actually looking pregnant!"

Um, thanks?

Then, noticing my displeasure at her comments, she asked "You don't find that adorable?"


My appetite has definitely grown over the past 3 weeks and I've noticed it.  I can't stop eating!  I feel hungry all the time and no matter what I have, it doesn't satisfy me.   So yeah, I feel a little fatter than normal.  I hadn't really noticed it in my face, but of course I see myself everyday and maybe wouldn't notice it.  But to actually have someone tell me, and then say it's adorable.  Blech.

I need more sleep.


  1. Congrats on finishing up work! Now time to get a lot of those things crossed of the list and rest before bubs arrives. How exciting!
    I have also noticed an increase in my appetite these last couple of weeks. I hadn't changed my eating habits throughout my whole pregnancy (actually prob ate less) but now I am loving food!

  2. I'm 22 weeks pregnant and am SO happy that I work from home. I used to work at a busy public library, where the patrons would regularly (really!) ask the female workers "how far along they were" when they weren't even pregnant! So I'm quite sure that I would have been offended on a regular basis if I had still been there.

    Congrats on your last day of work!

  3. It's normal to have swollen face when you are pregnant. Don't worry, it will disappear after the birth.

  4. [Where the Heart Is] Yes! I do plan to get busy on that list, although some things have been done, just not blogged about yet! Whoops!

    [Jenny] Yes, the comments can be so exhausting! I don't remember ever making these sorts of comments to others, but I wonder if becoming a mother turns some kind of switch to where you think it's appropriate? I hope not!

    [Poupeline] Thank goodness!


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